After the app has been started, it enters into Groups selection screen:

User can add new group there by pressing button or delete group by pressing button or enter into existing group by pressing one of Groups buttons.

Bottom toolbar icons mean:
- - feedback by e-mail;
- - help page with app description and that manual access.

Inside group user gets acces to symbols (i.e. indicies, currency pairs, other financial instruments):

He can add new symbols ( button) by search in Yahoo finance listed symbols. Yahoo driven suggest system allows to search not only by symbol's name but by it's description substring also.

There are some new icons on the bottom toolbar:
- - Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Intraday time frames selection;
- - indicators settings. By pressing it user will enter into Settings screen:

It allows to tune settings for Williams%R, CCI, CMO, MACD, Chaikin oscillators & for MA, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR indicators.
Pressing to some symbol in Symbols panel leads to charts:

Date on the top panel shows the last user selected date. Under it effective date i.e. last date available for chart and it's ohlc data are shown.
"Set date" button on the top panel leads to calendar where user can select some old date. It's suitable for backtesting or some period of interest exploration.
Radio group under chart allows to add one of indicators to top chart or one of oscillators to bottom chart.
There are some new buttons on the bottom toolbar:
- - to turn charts to candles view from ohlc view and it's changed to if so.
- / - allows to turn between oscillators & indicators selection

The last bottom panel eye button is appeared when user moves chart crosshair by finger. Pressing it allows to select current crosshaired date as a chart end date.
There are some changes in chart interface in intraday mode:

- "Set date" button s replaced with two buttons for scrolling along the chart;
- in the left bottom corner of main chart text "Yahoo" or "Google" is shown. It indicates from what source data are. For NASDAQ & NYSE executed symbols and for Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange of India, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed symbols Google provides realtime data feeds against Yahoo 15-20 minutes delayed.
- horisontal scale is changed to days (d), hours (h), minutes based.

In landscape iPhone mode both top & bottom toolbars are hidden to provide more screen space for charts:

Good luck in trading!

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